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Lilly has been nominated employee of the month because of her outstanding dedication. As a Home Health aide, Lilly is reliable, dependable compassionate and kindhearted. After earring her bachelors degree in biology,  Lily left her country India in 1977 in search of a better life in the United States. She is a responsible mother of a big family and has been residing on Staten Island for 25 years. With 6 years experience in the company, Lily is highly experienced in patient care. Our staff here at Margret Ultra Home Care are proud of her and appreciate all her hard work and dedications. Lily complies with the company’s rules and regulations. Lily has never missed work unless it is an emergency.

Congratulation on your outstanding achievement



Pease join me to congratulate Francisco Donesa for his hard work and positive attitude. Francisco is one of the employees that has always impressed our management team with his ongoing willingness to go extra miles to deliver outstanding services to our clients.

Employed by Margret Ultra Home Care since 2007, Francisco arrived in the United States in 2006 from the Philippine where he is originally from, visited his family in California for a month and left to Staten Island where he has been residing with his wife consecutively for 5 years.

Francisco has dedicated himself to be one of our most reliable and dependable Home Health Aide. He has always done an outstanding job in the delivery process of home care services. As a team player, he generates positive impact not only on the lives of our clients, but also among the people that he works with. Thank You Francisco for your exemplary work and for being such a credit for our company.



Please join me in congratulating Maria Castillo for her outstanding accomplishment as a Home Health Aide. Originally from Peru, Maria Castillo migrated to the United Stated 28 years ago and has been a resident of Staten Island for about 10 years.


Having worked for Margret Ultra Home care for 6 years, Mrs. Castillo always looks at the positive welfare of the patients and effectively takes pride in the delivery of every assignment she is in charge of. What makes Maria so unique in her carrier of Home Health Aide is her kindness, her compassionate and nurturing personality. She goes above and beyond to extend her heart and skills to bring joy and hope in the life and families of our clients who appreciate her to the fullest. Her reliability and warm caring attitude reflects positively on the image of the company. Maria is always on time and hardly calls out. She always carries herself in a very respectful way at work.

Congratulations Maria. We value you and wish you a successful career.